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SATURDAY AT THE FESTIVAL, with maps and details about ALL the logistics!


We wanted you to know where you are going so here are our maps!

(We don’t have technical skills but still can get you the info, even if we show you like you are in kindergarten.)

CHURCH: Entry to the Festival into the Lobby. In the Lobby is: Check In, Volunteer/Speaker/Tour Guide Check In, Novelties, Coffee Shop/Snack Shop, Bagged Lunch Pick Up.

Lecture Rooms are color coated; the church has the Red Room, Blue Room, & Green Room.

There are Restrooms in the building.

Breakfast and a general resting/communicating space is in this building with tables and chairs.

Please follow the path marked in purple line (on the photo below) to move between the church and the school.

SCHOOL: Entry will only be through the doors near the kitchen. No other doors in the building will be opened on Saturday. Tickets will need to be purchased at the church to enter this space. Everyone should have a wristband to enter this building.

Lecture Rooms are color coated; the school has the Purple Room and the Brown Room.

The following will be in the building: Children's Art, Vendors, Mask Making, Restrooms, and a Concessions Space.

FROM CHURCH TO SCHOOL: There is a pathway marked in purple between the 2 buildings.

The food vendors (marked in green) and between the church and school in the church parking lot.

ALL PARKING on Saturday will be at the church, marked in yellow.

We hope this helps with logistics and understanding the locations of different things!



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