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Image of children doing the art projects at the festival.

The Othello Sandhill Crane Festival Committee plans, organizes and conducts the Festival.

The committee includes a cross section of Othello citizens, Grant County Conservation District staff, plus residents from the neighboring communities of Ephrata, Moses Lake and Royal City.  The Festival could not be possible without their generous contributions.


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Jenn or Mike Stevenson, Festival Coordinators at


Festival Board of Directors

  • Chris Braunwart, President

  • Kurt Braunwart

  • Geri Schrom

  • Tonya Lewis

  • Deena Vietzke

    Festival Committee Members
    • Chris Braunwart, Co-Chair

    • Kurt Braunwart, Co-Chair

    • Jenn Stevenson, Co-Coordinator

    • Mike Stevenson, Co-Coordinator

    • Jane Grant, Volunteer

    • Dan Haas, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

    • Edie Borgman, Volunteer

    • Geri Schrom, Volunteer

    • Deena Vietzke, Volunteer

    • Tonya Lewis, Volunteer

    • Jacob Towne, Volunteer


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