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2022 UPDATES! (Click here to read all about them.)

We wanted to provide you with an update about the Othello Sandhill Crane Festival.

DATES - March 25-27, 2022 FESTIVAL - currently planning in person. We will make a final decision on March 1. This will depend on COVID numbers and trends BOTH locally and state-wide. REGISTRATION - we plan on having this go live on February 15. This will be on the website and will have links on your Facebook page to access the site. BROCHURE - we are finalizing the details here and plan to send to the printers within days. We expect to have it (both hard copy & digital versions) before registration goes live. TOURS - we will have a reduced number of tours this year. Busses and tour guides are our concerns here. Busses can only be half capacity (25 people plus 1 guide) and masks must be worn inside the bus. There will be no Crane Viewing Tours. Maps and self-guided tours will be available. LECTURES - we will have a reduced number of these also. There will be a Friday Night Lecture and 6 on Saturday. There will not be a Saturday Night Lecture or Banquet. VENUE - we are trying new locations this year. Lectures and vendors will be at the Othello Nazarene Church. The lecture will all be in a room that can seat 300 people. We expect all to be able to attend that want to for each lecture. Children's Art activities, art contest, photo booth, Rotary breakfast and more will be at the McFarland Middle School. These two locations are next to each other and have convenient walking paths between. FACEBOOK - this continues to be the location to find the most up to date and accurate information. You could also send messages and receive quick answers this way with any questions. Here is the link to the Facebook page: WHEN IN TOWN - the best place to stop by while in town continues to be The Old Hotel Art Gallery at 33E Larch St. They are open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10am to 5pm. They have maps of the refuge, local area, can share food and lodging recommendations and control the Visitor's Center inside the building also. Any questions are welcome there.



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