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2022 NEW VENUE! Othello Church of the Nazarene & McFarland Middle School (click to read what goes where)

We have been busy working out the details and plans of our new venue! This year the festival will be at 2 locations! Don't worry, they are next door to each other.

We will be having some events at The Othello Church of the Nazarene: lectures, vendors, novelties, will call, and tickets. This is located at 835S 10th Ave, Othello.

Other events will be at McFarland Middle School: children's art projects, mask making, photo booth, Rotary breakfast, art contest display and tickets at the front door. This is located is 790S 10th Ave, Othello.

There are 2 walking paths between the buildings. We also plan on having a few shuttles available and wheelchairs for any needs. Food trucks will be found between the two buildings on Saturday during lunch time.

The best parking will be found at the church; McFarland has limited parking. We will have people at both side doors checking for wristbands but tickets cannot be purchased at these side doors.

We hope that this double venue will give us more space and a better flow for our festival.



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