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How long does it take to fully charge a 48 volt battery?

A 48v battery, it should be four batteries, 48v, 20 amps, usually takes 6-8 hours to charge. Now the chargers are fully charged automatic power off.

1, the first charge of the new car is best full, the time can be controlled within 8-12 hours, because the new battery needs to activate the battery, even if it is full of 2 hours to charge to more than 8 hours.

2. If the battery is charged with the original charger, the remaining power is 20%. Generally, it is designed to be charged for 6 to 8 hours.

3, the battery has no memory effect, charging is nothing special, can not over discharge (not less than 20% of the power can be charged at any time), and is, used is the best, let lead sulfate as little as possible deposition on the plate, also can not charge, charging display full.

4. The charging time is related to how long the battery is used. If you were fully charged yesterday and finished running today, you need to charge it for about 8 hours. If you run 1 bar today, you don't need to charge it unless you need to go out of town tomorrow. Your battery life will increase when the charger jumps to green before the battery is fully charged. The battery needs to be charged for 1-2 hours.

5, charging more than 10 hours do not jump the green light, and the battery heat, then you need to pay attention to whether the battery water shortage or charger fault.

tom lee

tom lee

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